Whirlpool Jet Restoration

If your whirlpool jets have become outdated or have tarnished over time, Henry Plumbing may have the perfect solution for you. Many people have no idea that whirlpool trim can either be replaced or restored. This is a great tool for updating homes on a budget or updating homes for resale. 

Henry would like to introduce you to our restoration specialist Jay Barroll!  With over 35 years of Decorative Plumbing Experience. Jay has seen just about every brand of faucet and tub trim the industry has produced just short of the Roman Aquaduct System. It's actually amazing how many testimonials Jay has received over the years and many of our customers refer to him as Jay the Jet!  

If you need assistance or have a few questions call 314.298.9200 and you know who to ask for.

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