Meredith Frank

Meredith Frank -
Kitchen & Bath Designer

Meredith’s affinity for all things home, garden and entertaining became apparent at a young age. Friday nights were reserved for Trading Spaces and Saturday mornings, The Martha Stewart show. It was in those 30 minute blocks that the love affair began.

She is a classically trained pastry chef and her time spent in the “back of the house” made her realize how vital visual design and space planning or the lack of it can greatly affect production and creativity. With a degree from St. Louis Community College and a specialized focus on kitchen and bath, she officially hung up her apron and joined the team at Henry Kitchen and Bath.

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Meredith has an ardent love for bold color, pattern, texture and anything vintage or visually pleasing. She is a wall paper enthusiast and draws inspiration from global influences and nature. Her design philosophy is a delicate dance of form, function and beauty. Her attention to detail, focused client care and attuned l istening skills are sure to produce spaces you will cherish and find sanctuary in. You will love where you live!

Enjoy her eclectic spirit, and bright and quirky personality!

“Love Where You Live.”

- Henry Kitchen & Bath

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