Jennifer Trentadue

When I first started at Henry Kitchen & Bath 27 years ago, the industry was tremendously different than what we have today. 27 years ago, I was mastering the plumbing aspect of the kitchen and bath world. I was interested in how these products worked and what products were the best in comparison. My eagerness and determination eventually landed me the nickname The Plumbing Goddess. Fast forward 27 years, the title Plumbing Goddess is still around, despite the numerous roles I play at Henry.

As a designer at Henry Kitchen & Bath, my responsibilities include not only designing beautiful bathrooms, but I am responsible for managing three different locations and acting as the liaison between vendors, manufacturers, fabricators, and everyone else involved in the industry. I wear a lot of hats, but I love that every day is a different day, with new challenges and rewards. Nothing is more rewarding than leaving a client happy and in love with their new space. I am fortunate to love what I do, which makes coming to work every day the highlight of my day. I am extremely blessed to work for a company like Henry Kitchen & Bath and the culture they’ve built for their employees as well as their customers.

27 years ago, I never would have imagined that my career would evolve into what it is today. I am extremely blessed to find success in the St. Louis area doing what I love, which is creating spaces that are awe inspiring, unique, and specific to each client’s specifics needs and wants.


Bathrooms by Jennifer

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